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The Carolinas

We are moving, & we invite you to visit our new location at: 3120 Pacific Street, North Charleston, SC 29418. Dow, Inc. has been an active and contributing member of the development of the Charleston region. Construction, restoration or remodeling of office buildings, churches, new homes, beach and recreational living units and multifamily centers, are all a part of our business model. We are ready to serve the needs of clients in the Low Country, Midlands and all of the Coastal Carolinas with experienced, professional staff members and qualified alliance partners.

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New Construction

Our new construction in commercial and residential properties often requires us to work cooperatively with our alliance partners. Design, engineering, scope of work, cost analysis, community compliance and on occasion, capital structuring are all elements that must be led and managed to assure that the customer’s needs are met and the desired result is accomplished on time. Lowcountry, Midlands and Coastal Carolinas. We take pride in all that we do for our clients.

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Historic Preservation

Requiring extreme attention to detail; doing it right the first time and a constant focus on the impact of every construction activity. This construction intensity carries over into every project we are engaged in and truly has become the cornerstone of our business culture. Successfully executed remodeling leadership is all about cost, concept and value . . . combined with quality workmanship and product knowledge. Select project photos above  for samples of our work.

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Superb Remodeling

Helping clients find acceptable solutions to needs and desires is what we do best. Time, timing and cost can be a challenge to any project, but at Dow, Inc. we make these harmonious priorities. We put a high value on responding to and respecting owner’s needs and limitations. Needs change, visions change and in some instances, legislative requirements change; all motivating owners to keep up and extend property value.  Our principals drive our work ethic in all we do!.

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New construction, historic restoration and residential / commercial remodeling services & more!
Quality Workmanship & Product Knowledge


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    All Types of Commercial Remodeling Services

Fully equipped for all types of commercial building remodeling. We know that if your doors aren’t open, you can’t do business. For commercial remodeling service, we provide quick turn-around and flexibility, enabling our crews to work evenings and weekends, minimizing the amount of time you need to be closed. Our clients count on us for prompt and reliable service as well as design ideas and quality craftsmanship.


What types of commercial projects do we work on?

MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTIES – Such as apartment buildings, senior housing or condominiums. Dow Inc. specializes in remodeling services for multi-family and tenant housing. We provide complete remodeling service from repairs to renovations, improvements, painting and more.

EXTERIOR COMMERCIAL REMODELING – We all agree that the exterior of a building or shopping center is critical to attracting new tenants and customers. Dow Construction provides high quality exterior commercial remodeling services to ensure that your building remains up to date and continues to thrive.

INTERIOR REMODELING & BUILD OUTS – Whether a retail space, medical office building or commercial space, we offer commercial remodeling services to design and build interior spaces. As a commercial remodeling contractor, we are familiar with local and state building codes and can meet all your safety requirements.

COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS – Having a relationship with a commercial remodeler for your maintenance and repair service can save you money in the long run. Our commercial remodeling division can respond quickly to storm damage, flood, vandalism and other emergency situations to keep your operations running smoothly.

Total Team Coordination

While the experience, skills and craftsmanship of our team are known to be extraordinary, our clients are often surprised by our courtesy and consideration.  We definitely believe there is more to 'value' than just getting the lowest price, and we strive to give our clients the best quality for the best price.

We know that building and remodeling projects can be very invasive and we make every effort to keep the process from being uncomfortable for our clients along with enhanced communication so you are able to have the results you are expecting. It goes without saying that safety is one of our key concerns, as well as compliance to all federal, state, local and customer regulations!

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